The body is a unit. Simply stated, you can not have a problem in one area of the body without it affecting other musculoskeletal regions or other bodily systems.

Workplace Ergonomic Assessment

Osteopathy Works Ltd offers an on site Workplace Ergonomic Assessment service.  The assessment examines your work environment and the way you work in it, which determines how your work affects you physically.  One of the most common causes of staff absence is back pain, and often this is caused by poor posture and poor office seating.

Do you have…

Often simple adjustments to the workstation layout can help postural problems, and where necessary we can recommend products such as document holders, laptop risers, wrist rests, through to chairs and height adjustable desks to ensure that your staff are working correctly at their workstations.

As a client you will have ample opportunity to explain and demonstrate your problems and difficulties and some immediate advice and guidance will be provided.  The assessment visit is followed by a report that includes information on any changes that might be needed and details of the advice given.

By providing quality assessments, advice and training in your workplace we will help you to…

Cost: $185 + GST per hour.  This includes travel time to the local Dunedin area and a written report outlining recommendations.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss our services or if you would like us to visit your workplace.