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Andrew Aitken - Osteopath

Andrew Aitken Andrew works from the Dunedin (Suite 13 Marinoto Clinic), Mosgiel and Balclutha branches of Osteopathy Works.

Andrew was born in Dunedin, and educated at Otago Boys High School. He continued his education at the University of Otago where he completed a Bachelor of Physical Education (BPhEd), and a Bachelor of Science (BSc). Having completed these qualifications Andrew then worked in London as a personal trainer. After completing his overseas experience he began studying a Bachelor of Information Technology, and worked for two years in the I.T. industry. Realising that this simply wasn’t his passion, he completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Medicine (PGDipSportMed), specialising in exercise prescription, sports nutrition, and ergonomics. From here he entered the five year Osteopathy course at Unitec in Auckland (BAppSc(HB), MOst). His masters thesis was on the topic of Forward Head Posture. Andrew is also a qualified acupuncturist (PGCert (Western Acupuncture)).

Outside of work Andrew possesses broad skills. He has been a representative tennis player as well as professional coach. He has a black-belt in ITF Tae kwon-do, paints and sells watercolour paintings, and enjoys running and triathlons.

With six tertiary qualifications, Andrew is one of the most highly qualified osteopaths in the country. These qualifications give him additional specialised expertise in exercise prescription, sports nutrition, and sports related injuries.

Mike McLeod - Osteopath

Mike McLeod Mike works from the Gore and Balclutha branches of Osteopathy Works.

Mike first completed a Bachelor of Physical Education (BPhEd) at the University of Otago, where he majored in Sport and Exercise Science. He then completed further study to become a secondary school teacher (PGDipTchg). He taught for 4 years in New Zealand, as well as 1 year teaching and travelling throughout Asia. Upon return to New Zealand Mike completed a Master of Osteopathy (BAppSc(HB), MOst). His Master’s thesis topic was an evaluation of a Run & Walk health promotion initiative targeting inactive adult males. Many participants in this initiative went on to compete in the Auckland marathon event.

Mike is extremely passionate about health and fitness, and views his health practitioner role as multidimensional. As an educator, Mike is aware of the importance of role modelling healthy behaviours, and empowers people to take control of their own health and wellbeing. Osteopathy is a great fit for him because of the hands-on approach to diagnosis, treatment and management, as well as an appreciation of the total body in the development and maintenance of pain, dysfunction and disease.

Mike has been a competitive swimmer and keen runner from a young age and this has continued into adulthood. He has completed numerous half marathons, mountain running events, ocean swims, triathlons and completed his first ironman at Challenge Wanaka. He understands the inherent demands of sport, and shares a special interest in the field of sports medicine and sport-related injury. His Osteopathic training means he has the ability to effectively treat and manage a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions.

Rebecca Leith - Osteopath

Rebecca Leith Rebecca works from the Dunedin (Suite 13 Marinoto Clinic), Mosgiel, and Balclutha branches of Osteopathy Works.

Originally from Dunedin, Rebecca graduated from Victoria University in Melbourne with a Bachelor of Clinical Science and a Masters of Osteopathy. She is passionate about Osteopathy and its diverse range of techniques that Osteopathy has to offer.

Rebecca enjoys treating a wide variety of patients from pregnancy related pains to the elderly and is particularly interested in helping with chronic conditions such as back pain, neck pain and headaches.

She holds the philosophy that no two patients are alike, and therefore believes that treatment should reflect the needs and goals of each patient as an individual.

Outside of work, Rebecca can be found playing hockey, tramping, practicing yoga and generally enjoying the outdoors.

Jude Harley - Osteopath

Jude Harley Jude works from the Invercargill and Gore branches of Osteopathy Works.

Jude Harley is a new member to our team, returning back home to the South Island after spending some time in Auckland and abroad. During his travels, he ventured extensively through Europe, America and Asia. Like most of the team here at Osteopathy Works, Jude has a sporting background, having played regional representative football for Bay of Plenty, and winning 1st place in the New Zealand domestic Kung Fu championships as a teenager. He remains active nowadays through squash, hiking and snowboarding and believes in maintaining movement and fitness through activities you enjoy!

As with all the staff at Osteopathy Works, Jude studied for 5 years to gain NZ registration, and completed his thesis on soft tissue neck dysfunction. As such, he has a special interest in neck and shoulder pain. Jude promotes open patient-practitioner communication, and encourages patients to ask questions to better understand the issues at hand. As tissue damage and pain are often a bi-product of dysfunctional movement, furthering a patients understanding helps to identify lifestyle factors which are contributing to the presenting complaint. In this way, rather than only treating the symptom of pain, Jude looks to target the cause of the problem. He uses a patient-specific manual approach to optimise body-wide function as well as providing guidance on the ongoing management of musculoskeletal conditions.

Matthew Smith - Osteopath

Matthew Smith Matthew works from the Dunedin (Suite 13 Marinoto Clinic), and Green Island branches of Osteopathy Works.

Matthew trained as an Osteopath at both the British School of Osteopathy and at Unitec New Zealand. Matthew has a keen interest in human movement and health. He is a certified teacher of Pilates through the Australian Pilates Method Association and has taught for the first pilates studio in New Zealand - the Pilates Body Studio, in Auckland. He also taught for several years at, the Pilates Akademie, in Vienna. He is a certified teacher of the Axis Syllabus which integrates current understandings of human biomechanics into a movement practice. He has worked internationally as a dancer, teacher and choreographer and has danced for many of the most respected New Zealand dance companies. Dunedin is his home town and he is very happy to return.

Ping Feng - Acupuncturist

Ping Feng Ping works from the Dunedin (Suite 9 Marinoto Clinic), Mosgiel, and Balclutha branches of Osteopathy Works.

Ping comes from Tianjin, a coastal city in northern China.

As anyone who knows her can attest, Ping has a deep appreciation for the traditional medicine pioneered by her Chinese ancestors.

In 2003 Ping earned her Masters degree in economics. She then made the decision to devote her attention full-time to gaining a qualification in acupuncture. Today her chief passion is for her patients’ welfare through the continual development of her clinical knowledge, reasoning, and treatment skills.

Ping’s specialty is Tung style acupuncture, an alternative acupuncture system with its roots in ancient China—and one that might have been tragically lost to posterity were it not for the generosity of Master Tung in breaking with tradition and sharing its secrets beyond the strict confines of his own family.

Tung style acupuncture is notable for its outstanding positive results and rapid effectiveness when utilised by an appropriately trained practitioner. Ping is proud to be formally apprenticed to Dr. Zheng Tai Lin, a fourth-generation disciple of Master Tung who continually guides her development.

Ping is dedicated to helping those who suffer pain, whether it be musculoskeletal in nature or associated with internal disease. She is careful to consider both emotional and lifestyle factors that affect her patients’ health and wellbeing, and devises individualised treatment plans that may incorporate acupuncture and related treatment modalities, based upon their particular needs. Her goal is always to restore her patients to harmony and balance through compassion, insight and the application of skilled treatment.

Tracey Walkington - Massage Therapist

Tracey Walkington Tracey works from the Mosgiel branch of Osteopathy Works.

Prior to joining Osteopathy Works, Tracey was a partner in a relaxation massage business in Dunedin.

Tracey studied at Otago Polytechnic and Aoraki Polytechnic where she learned the art of relaxation massage, trigger point therapy, sports massage, deep tissue massage, and myofascial release. Tracey also trained in clinical reflexology in the U.K, plus she is a Reiki Master. Reiki is the Japanese art of energy healing.

Whether your goal is to reduce stress, relieve pain, or enhance relaxation, massage may be beneficial to you. By using various techniques to target superficial and deeper layers of muscles, massage can promote health and wellbeing.

Nicole Hedges - Massage Therapist

Nicole Hedges Nicole works from the Dunedin (Suite 9 Marinoto Clinic), and Green Island branches of Osteopathy Works.

Nicole has a Diploma in Advanced Therapeutic Massage, graduating with Distinction from the Otago Polytechnic. She received the Otago Polytechnic Excellence & Leadership and Ambassador awards for Massage Therapy in 2017.

Prior to joining Osteopathy Works Nicole ran her own massage therapy clinic from a gym in Green Island. Nicole is a Massage New Zealand registered therapist.

Whether you are recovering from an injury, or would like relief from tired and sore muscles, reduce stress, increase movement and flexibility, Nicole will personally assess and deliver a massage to meet your needs.

Janet Mackay - Massage Therapist

Janet Mackay Janet works from the Balclutha branch of Osteopathy Works

Janet was born in Balclutha where she lived on her family farm for 23 years. She attended Columba College in Dunedin for her secondary schooling, and then went on to study at Otago University where she gained a Diploma in Primary School teaching. This qualification took her overseas where she taught in London for a year. She returned after her overseas experience to take up farming, where she spent a number of years working on farms and working for various contractors. It was during this time that Janet realised the importance of a healthy body to counteract the physical demands of this lifestyle. This prompted her to study Massage Therapy at the Canterbury College of Natural Medicine.

Janet had her own successful Massage Therapy business in Christchurch which she ran out of the Russley Sports Clinic. This allowed her to work closely with Physiotherapists and extend her knowledge of rehabilitation of many injuries. During this time she was lucky enough to work with some elite athletes including All Blacks, Silver Ferns, All Whites and many other national representatives of varying disciplines.

Janet has now had 10 years experience as a Massage Therapist, and has developed a wide range of techniques meaning she can tailor a personalised and successful outcome for her clients.

Outside of work Janet enjoys family time, running, horse riding, cycling and many other outdoor activities.

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