If a body’s structure is balanced, then it can function to its full capacity.

About Us

Andrew Aitken - Osteopath & Western Medical Acupuncture (WMA)

Andrew Aitken Andrew works from the Dunedin (Suite 13 Marinoto Clinic) and Balclutha branches of Osteopathy Works.

Andrew was born in Dunedin, and educated at Otago Boys High School. He continued his education at the University of Otago where he completed a Bachelor of Physical Education (BPhEd), and a Bachelor of Science (BSc). Having completed these qualifications Andrew then worked in London as a personal trainer. After completing his overseas experience he began studying a Bachelor of Information Technology, and worked for two years in the I.T. industry. Realising that this simply wasn’t his passion, he completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Medicine (PGDipSportMed), specialising in exercise prescription, sports nutrition, and ergonomics. From here he entered the five year Osteopathy course at Unitec in Auckland (BAppSc(HB), MOst). His masters thesis was on the topic of Forward Head Posture. Andrew is also a qualified acupuncturist (PGCert (Western Acupuncture)).

Outside of work Andrew possesses broad skills. He has been a representative tennis player as well as professional coach. He has a black-belt in ITF Tae kwon-do, paints and sells watercolour paintings, and enjoys running and triathlons.

With six tertiary qualifications, Andrew is one of the most highly qualified osteopaths in the country. These qualifications give him additional specialised expertise in exercise prescription, sports nutrition, and sports related injuries.

Mike McLeod - Osteopath & Western Medical Acupuncture (WMA)

Mike McLeod Mike works from the Gore branch of Osteopathy Works.

Mike first completed a Bachelor of Physical Education (BPhEd) at the University of Otago, where he majored in Sport and Exercise Science. He then completed further study to become a secondary school teacher (PGDipTchg). He taught for 4 years in New Zealand, as well as 1 year teaching and travelling throughout Asia. Upon return to New Zealand Mike completed a Master of Osteopathy (BAppSc(HB), MOst). His Master’s thesis topic was an evaluation of a Run & Walk health promotion initiative targeting inactive adult males. Many participants in this initiative went on to compete in the Auckland marathon event.

Mike is extremely passionate about health and fitness, and views his health practitioner role as multidimensional. As an educator, Mike is aware of the importance of role modelling healthy behaviours, and empowers people to take control of their own health and wellbeing. Osteopathy is a great fit for him because of the hands-on approach to diagnosis, treatment and management, as well as an appreciation of the total body in the development and maintenance of pain, dysfunction and disease.

Mike has been a competitive swimmer and keen runner from a young age and this has continued into adulthood. He has completed numerous half marathons, mountain running events, ocean swims, triathlons and completed his first ironman at Challenge Wanaka. More recently has completed the New Zealand Ironman in Taupo fulfilling a lifelong dream before turning 40! He understands the inherent demands of sport, and shares a special interest in the field of sports medicine and sport-related injury. His Osteopathic training means he has the ability to effectively treat and manage a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. Complementing this skill set, Mike also utilises acupuncture in his treatment toolbox, and more recently added Radial Pressure Wave (RPW) therapy.

Mike is excited to now be working out of Gore's newest health and fitness facility, The Base Southland!

Jude Harley - Osteopath

Jude Harley Jude works from the new Christchurch branch of Osteopathy Works

Jude Harley is a structural Osteopath now practicing in Christchurch.

Working from the founding principle that the body is a unit, my treatment approach uses knowledge of how different regions of the body interact with one another as a basis to identify dysfunction. I use a range of Manual Therapy techniques including joint manipulation, myofascial release, alongside more gentle indirect approaches to remove barriers that are limiting the body's capacity to restore normal function. I strongly believe that a patient should be involved in their recovery, and encourage questions with the aim of furthering a patients understanding of their presenting complaint. I am an ACC registered practitioner and treat a range of acute to chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

After enjoying the last four years practicing in Southland, I have recently moved to Christchurch to be closer to family. Osteopathy Works will now have a central presence in Christchurch, working in partnership with Restore Prehabilitation & Recovery, a team renowned in Christchurch for providing a wide range of specialist treatments not widely found in New Zealand, focused on the principle of Progressive Adaptation and Specifity to bring all parts into balance to optimise your physical movement potential and musculoskeletal health. www.restoreprehab.co.nz

Jerome Wigger - Osteopath

Jerome Wigger Jerome works from the Balclutha and Suite 13 Marinoto Clinic branches of Osteopathy Works.

Jerome is an Australian trained Osteopath who joined us having completed both a Bachelor of Science in anatomy and physiology, and a bachelor/masters double degree in Osteopathy.
Jerome takes the time to care and learn the ins and outs of his patients; this enables him to provide treatments unique to each individual’s condition. He treats structurally using soft tissue techniques as well as movement based treatments for patients who are struggling with their mobility. Jerome also holistically uses diet, exercises and lifestyle changes to enable his patients to lead pain free and healthy lives.
Jerome is comfortable treating a vast range of patients of all ages, shapes and sizes; from younger children through to elite sports people. This is reflected in his professional experience that ranges from spending ten years as a youth swimming teacher while studying all the way through his involvement in the AFL Northern Football League Div1 2016 double premiership team Heidelberg.
On his weekends Jerome enjoys exploring all the South Island has to offer with his wife Dani. He follows a wide range of sports especially AFL and rugby union and spends his spare time tramping, reading, skiing and cycling.

Tim Casey - Acupuncture Specialist

Tim Casey Tim works from the Suite 9 Marinoto Clinic branch of Osteopathy Works.

Tim Casey, Acupuncture Specialist, began his journey with acupuncture in the 1980s when he was injured in a fall that left him unable to walk. It was acupuncture that took away the pain and allowed the tissue to heal and got him back on his feet. Tim has lived and worked in Dunedin in the field of Acupuncture for more than 14 years.

Tim originally trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the Australian Collage of Natural Medicine (ACNM) in Brisbane, Australia. Tim's also studied Toyohari (East Asian needle therapy) in Tokyo, Japan, where he was to expand his acupuncture knowledge as taught by the blind (Japan has a 700 year old history of encouraging the training of non-sighted practitioners of Acupuncture due to their heightened sense of touch). Tim continues to pursue acupuncture studies and practical training; most recently travelling back to Brisbane and Sydney to learn the teachings of Dr. Yoshi Manaka's proteges, Kiiko Matsumoso.

It is Tim's opinion there is no health related issue that cannot be treated by acupuncture; "if the condition cannot be treated directly, then it is always possible to treat symptoms surrounding the condition."

Tim is a registered ACC provider and a member of the New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists (Acupuncture NZ).

For further information visit www.dunedinacupuncture.co.nz

Tim also has his own natural food business: Pure Love "Our Food, Your Medicine".

For further information visit www.facebook.com/purelovehealth/