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Adult (16 years – 65 years)

First consultation & treatment (approx. 45 minutes)  $140 Private ($85 ACC)
Subsequent appointments (approx. 30 minutes) $90 Private ($65 ACC)

Child (up to 16 years) & Adult (over 65 years)

First consultation & treatment (approx. 45 minutes) $130 Private ($80 ACC)
Subsequent appointments (approx. 30 minutes) $80 Private ($60 ACC)

Family "Frequent Flyers Club" Discount Package Deals

Gold Deal: 100 appointments: $6,750

Silver Deal: 50 appointments: $3,595

Bronze Deal: 25 appointments: $1,910 

*Treatment packages may include private and/or ACC-subsidised treatments.

*5 year expiration date on all deals from the date of purchase. Appointments can be used by any nominated family member.

*RPW treatment will incur a $25 surcharge within the package deals.  Traditional Chinese Acupuncture treatment with Tim Casey not included.

If you have any enquiries about these package deals and how they may be of benefit to you, or if these deals don't quite meet your family's needs, please contact: office@osteopathyworks.co.nz

Radial Pressure Wave (RPW) Therapy
(Suite 13 Marinoto Clinic Dunedin & Balclutha Clinic)

Cost: $50 surcharge on top of treatment cost.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncture
(Suite 9 Marinoto Clinic) - Tim Casey

Appointments (approx. 45 minutes)  $90 Private ($50 ACC).

Office Ergonomic Assessment

Cost: $185 + GST per hour.  This includes travel time to the local Dunedin area and a written report outlining recommendations.

Payment Methods

Eftpos, Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay.